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Conclusions of the first ever Cross-Stakeholder Pan- European Seminar on Health Apps


In a new white paper published on the 12TH March, produced jointly by myhealthapps.net and the UK government’s ICT Knowledge Transfer
Network are key findings from a joint seminar held in London at the
King’s Fund on 28th October 2013. The seminar was a cross-stakeholder European based meeting looking at quality standards among health apps, precipitated by the imminent publication of the EU Green Paper on Mobile Health, to be published at the end of March 2014. In attendance were major mobile manufacturers, app developers, representatives from the healthcare industry, academics, patient organisations as well as representatives from the European Commission DG CONNECT. The general consensus among these 60 attendees was that five key challenges need to be addressed - overhauling healthcare systems to make them patient-centric: apps as a catalyst, engaging doctors in the prescribing of health apps, overseeing quality standards for health apps, ensuring that health apps remain of a high standard throughout their lifetime and considerations for policymakers wishing to oversee health apps.

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