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What is crowdhealth?

crowdhealth is a website aimed at helping people to self-manage their health

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Why did we do it?
The inspiration to develop crowdhealth came from the fact that there is now so much healthcare information on the internet that we can get lost.
Knowing what to look for, where to go and what to trust is vital and crowdhealth will help create a crowdsourced path through the mass of self-management information.
We believe that the participation of all of us together as the ‘crowd’ will help find the best ways to self-manage and keep well.
What’s self-management, why focus on it and how can crowdhealth help?
Health self-management is about people doing the best for themselves and taking control.
We believe looking after our health shouldn’t be any different to the way we look after the other parts of our life.
Self-management isn’t about becoming a surgeon and operating on ourselves at home! It’s about making decisions to best manage a condition the way the person wants to.
Although it may sound solitary, self-management shouldn’t be. It needs to fit in with the support from healthcare professionals. So it’s not only making the time between seeing the doctor the best it can be, but it’s also about making the time with the doctor as useful as possible.
Self-monitoring is constantly in the news. New apps, new technologies and new sites provide patients with every way to monitor themselves. Self-monitoring relies on patients to start to take control of their health in ways they never used to do. This change in dynamic is a big shift in healthcare. Patients will become more interactive and will often know more than the doctor that is treating them. After all, the patient is the real expert in that condition.
Ultimately, crowdhealth's aim is to be part of this change and help people develop confidence in health self-management by understanding what self-managing is and finding the right resources, while sharing what works well and what doesn't.