Videos - What's health self-management all about and how can crowdhealth help?

What's health self-management all about and how can crowdhealth help?

At crowdhealth we believe that chronic illness shouldn't take the driving seat in our lives, but that with the right information, resources and support, proactive self-management can help be an effective force to drive health and not illness...

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So what exactly is health self-management?

It’s about doing the best you can for yourself! A little bit of effort can go a long way, especially when you know where to go for the right information and support. Fundamentally, it’s about you taking control of your life, which is a healthy thing to do.
Looking after your health shouldn’t be any different to the way you look after the other parts of your life. Whether we’re looking to buy something, find a restaurant or trying to get a last minute holiday deal, we are all becoming explorers of the internet and finding ways to harness and make use of the information it provides.
Self-management isn’t about becoming a surgeon and operating on yourself at home! It’s about helping you make decisions to best manage your condition the way you want to and keep you healthy.
Although it may sound solitary, self-management shouldn’t be. It needs to fit in with the support from your healthcare professionals. So it’s not only making the time between seeing your doctor the best it can be, but it’s also about making the time with your doctor as useful as possible for you. After all, you’re the patient, the expert patient and everything you do to keep well, is to keep you well.
The inspiration to develop crowdhealth came from the fact that there is now so much out there on the internet that we can get lost. Knowing where to go and what to look for is vital and crowdhealth creates a path through the mass of self-management information helping you to find your way.
We hope you will find the site easy to use and helpful. So please give it a go and let us know what we can do to make it better for you!